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MoniTangoTour is one of a kind, a unique traveling experience.
This trip has limited space for passengers, creating an intimate & relaxed environment. In this our 6th year organizing this tour, we expect to find some new adventures and explore as much as possible the culture, the city and of course, the tango!

Why do you want to come with us?
People come for different reasons...and they are all great ones. You may want to come because you want to elevate your tango dancing, travel with wonderful company, discover an amazing city, all of the above or even due to something only you will know...all reasons are valid!

What will we do?

This trip encompasses the following features/highlights all coordinated, planned to the dot & accompanied by your guide: Monica Caivano (and if we get a big group Gustavo Simplis will join us as well!!!)


Just dance dance dance! To date, Buenos Aires is still the MECCA of tango, and as such--if you are in the process of discovering this dance and/or are a tango addict /junkie you really have to go there. Sooner or later you must go! MoniTangoTour will coordinate private and group lessons with great and awesome teachers. We will also take you to a wide variety of different practicas and milongas, all the hottest places to dance and work on your tango. The idea is for you to have a great and diverse experience that will enrich your appreciation for the dance and art form, expand your horizons, and most importantly grow as a dancer yourself!

A wonderful and beautiful city where you'll find yourself walking in old neighborhoods with great architectural treasures, people-watching in the cafés--even being delighted by street performers! We will help you discover some of those places, give you historical references and take you to a few of the major attractions of the city. Getting to know the city is also a culinary experience. We will help you try local food, from the great "asado" (Argentine grilled meat), empanadas, exquisite ice cream and so many other delicious treats that will make your taste buds smile!

Waiting to get those perfect tango shoes? Then you must come with us! Shopping is another fun part of the experience. We'll take you shoe and CD shopping and we will go to great outdoor handicraft/artisan markets where you could get beautifully crafted jewelry, leather goods, clothes, and all sorts of handmade decorative items. Also, the neighborhood where we are lodging is great for shopping, with lots of excellent stores!

Where will you stay
The Wilton Hotel located in the neighborhood of Barrio Norte, about five block from the well known upscale neighborhood of Recoleta. It is located in a wonderful intersection with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, book and CD stores, clothing stores and more! Every year we have consistently taken our groups to the Wilton Hotel with great results! You'll be within walking or a 5/15 minutes taxi drive distance, of just about everywhere you will want to go: classes, milongas, shopping districts, sight seeing areas, etc.

Wilton Hotel: Av. Callao 1162
Included in hotel is:
Snack bar/ buffet breakfast Fitness center • Wireless internet connection Laundry and dry cleaning service 24-hour concierge service Closed TV circuit TV cable (with remote control)

Who should go
This tour is meant to be for those wanting to improve their tango, have a blast and fall in love with Buenos Aires, its culture and people. This a great trip for those going to Buenos Aires for the first time to get oriented with the city and the world of tango. We also welcome repeat customers; if you think the first time was fun, wait till you go again!! As tango junkies one must admit, we never get enough!
You can take to this trip by yourself, with a friend or your partner; whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance dancer. This trip is set up so everyone has his/her own individual experience, so at any level you can enjoy and learn.

About the guide
Monica Caivano has been organizing tours since 2005. She is a native of Buenos Aires living in the U.S. for over 10 years: just the perfect combination! Because she belongs to both cultures she is a great host to have. She has been dancing tango for half her life and teaching and performing for over 8 years! It definitely helps that she is easy going, friendly and does not stress easily ;-) Being a "porteña", people from Buenos Aires, she is totally familiar and knows how to move around in her beloved city. As she is also a "Austinite", she understands some of the important cultural differences and will be able to act as a "de-coder."
Monica will be of great assistance in getting you in the right track towards having a wonderful and unique experience. She will help you explore the city, learn about tango codes, and taste great food as well as being your translator.