Gustavo Simplis and Monica Caivano natives from Buenos Aires, carry tango in their blood. The are passionate about partner and social dancing as well as performing. Gustavo and Monica have performed under the auspices of major organizations, such as World Wide Maniac Foundation, Central Market, Seton Hospital, Austin Friends of Folk Art, Austin Lyric Opera in Austin, Empire State Theater in San Antonio, National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, University of Texas, Texas Lutheran University, and the Border Mental Health organization at Laredo, Texas , to name but the most outstanding of them. Monica & Gustavo are known for their energetic, highly rhythmic and elegant dancing. Their expressive dance style is filled with emotion. From drama and passion to humor and playfulness Gustavo and Monica fully connect with each other and the audience. They dedicate lots of time to sharing through teaching tango, they fully connect with their students as they teach skills of leading and following, figures and technique and musicality with lots of personal attention and a great sense of humor. Three years ago, Monica & Gustavo created a non-profit organization, EsquinaTango Cultural Society of Austin, where they organize events, teach and perform.

Gustavo has trained intensively for over 7 years in Austin and Buenos Aires with Tomas Howlin, Oliver Kolker, Silvina Valz, Javier Rochwagner, Lorena Ermocida, Osvaldo Zotto, El Flaco Dany and the milongas! Monica began developing her artistic career at a very young age. She has extensively studied different genres of dancing as well as theatre both independently and at St Edward's University (where she obtained a degree in Theatre Arts). Monica danced with Aztlan Dance Company for several years in double capacity as a choreographer and director of the company's full-length tango shows, The Tango Project and The Tango Hideaway; since then she has continued doing work independently. Monica's tango mentors include such renowned artists as Lorena Ermocida, Nito & Elba, Carolina & Diego, Julio & Corina, Tete & Silvia.