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Music - Dance Styles:

Tango- A type of music characterized by its passionate feeling (heard in the "cries" of the bandoneón, a concertina-like instrument essential part of tango). The dance is characterized by an improvisational & heartfelt approach to the interpretation of the music & includes dramatic pauses & syncopated rhythms.

Vals- Argentine waltz music, less dramatic than that of tango, & characterized by a flowing 3/4 rhythm. In the dance, tango steps are adapted to the graceful flow of that rhythm, & the emphasis is on creating movements that are smooth and gliding.

Milonga- The most cheerful & lively in feeling & tempo, with a steady 2/4 rhythm. The dance emphasizes this rhythm with a step on each beat & sometimes on the off beats as well. Milongas was the 19th century ancestor of tango that afterwards continued evolving into an independent style.

Tango, milonga & vals are played at milongas (tango dance club) where the milonguero/a (person whose life revolves around dancing & tango) goes.

In a milonga, each tanda (music set composed of 3/4 songs of same style/orchestra) is separated by a cortina (little piece of music that is not danced used as a separator).

Music Recommendation (selected list):
In traditional milongas the music played and dance to is usually that of the Golden Age (Epoca de Oro) 1930s-50s.
Here are some great ones to get to know...listen...practice...and love:
Carlos Di Sarli
Juan D'Arienzo - Watch the orchestra live playing "Paciencia" with singer Alberto Echagüe
Rodolfo Biagi
Orquesta Tipica Victor
Franciso Canaro
Julio de Caro
Miguel Caló
Ricardo Tanturi
Angel D'Agostino
Alfredo de Angelis
Pedro Laurenz
Osvaldo Fresedo
Anibal Troilo - Watch orchestra live playing "Danzarin"
Alfredo Gobbi
Osvaldo Pugliese - Watch orquestra live playing "Arrabal"! Watch orchestra live playing "La Yumba"

Nuevo Tango, creator & pioneer: Astor Piazzola - Watch him live playing "Muerte del Angel"!

Modern Orchestras/still alive: Hugo Diaz, Los Cosos de Al lao, El Arranque, Color Tango, Sexteto Mayor, Juan Carlos Cáceres, Fernandez Fierro, & Cuarteto Cedrón, among others.

Neo Tango/electronic:
Gotán Project, Bajo Fondo Tango Club, Tanghetto, Narcotango, & Astornautas, among others.

Women in Tango: La Chicana, Adriana Varela, Libertad Lamarque, Azucena Maizani, Tina Merelo, & Susana Rinaldi, among others.

More info on Music, Tango & Argentina: totango, surdelsur, radiocubik, todotango

Tango Etiquette "I would love to wear a T-shirt to the milonga saying:"
(created and compiled by local dancers in Austin/Texas)
Tango Si, Autos Chocadores (bumper cars) No!
This is a tango salon, not a racetrack.
Real men protect their partners and other dancers.
Respect your partner, other dancers, and the musicians.
Why rush? Your partner is fantastic.